What is Human Fluency?

Human Fluency is the ability of being fluent in human interaction. We define what human fluency means for individuals and for organisations and teams.


The ability to approach interactions with others as an opportunity for meaningful and mutual connection, growth and understanding.


The ability and commitment to doing the right thing for self and others given the situation and context


The ability to interpret, understand and judge interactions with others.

The Human Fluency model stands on the broad shoulders of a vast body of publicly available research, experience and knowledge related to communication, interpersonal skills and leadership. We believe it offers is a slightly different way of looking specifically at human interaction, helping people to practically examine and approach their own conversations with fresh eyes.


People who are humanly fluent bring a high level of depth to the relationship and interaction, enabling them to truly connect with, relate to, understand and influence others.
They possess the ability to discern what is happening and what is required in the human interaction, its context and the situation in which it unfolds.
They are highly disciplined in the interactional skills and behaviours required to elevate conversations to a higher level of meaning, connectedness and effectiveness.

Organizations and Teams

Organizations or teams that are humanly fluent have a culture where the attributes described above are the norm. They tend to perform at high levels of effectiveness as a result of leveraging those attributes.
These organizations or teams are comprised of people, most notably leaders, that are able to purposefully organize, design, conduct and facilitate a range of organizational conversations necessary to use, nurture and develop human potential. By doing this these organizations deliver their intended results and ultimately fulfil their purpose.  

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